A healthy smile is a great smile. North Melbourne Dental provides a wdie array of dental treatments to give you the confidence to show off your healthy smile to the world. Below you will find a list of the services we provide along with a short explanation of the procedures involved.


    We take pride in the craftsmanship of our dental services – with particular attention to detail and the durability of every restoration or other treatment.

    We use the latest dental technology available in Australia and use further education to ensure that we employ the most effective skills in treating every client.

    Dr. Julian Moore is highly experienced in a wide range of general dental techniques– see below for more details on specific interventions.

    You will always be kept fully informed about proposed treatments and will have the opportunity to have all your questions answered before you give the go-ahead to proceed.

    Occasionally, specialised treatment is required, beyond the scope of a general dentist. We are linked into a network of specialists and can make referrals as required, while still maintaining overall responsibility for your dental and oral care.

    We use a home whitening system which we believe to be the safest and puts you fully in control of how far you take the whitening process.
    Crowns and veneers can often be used for to improve appearance and to repair teeth with great results. If a tooth is lost through an accident or is too badly damaged to be saved with a crown or veneer, a Bridge may be the treatment [...]

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    Composite fillings can be an alternative to amalgam (metal) fillings. They are made of a plastic material and are tooth-coloured rather than silver. They can be suitable for both front and back teeth.
    These are artificial teeth which are secured firmly in the mouth and can be used to replace a single missing tooth or several teeth.
    With regular check-ups and minimal essential treatment, we help young children to understand the importance of looking after their teeth and mouth so that they are on the right track for the rest of their life.
    We aim to keep your teeth as strong as possible, so that you can keep them into retirement and beyond.