Your First Appointment


We’re easy to find, in Errol Street, North Melbourne, close to the CBD. There’s one-hour and two-hour street parking nearby,
and the Stop number 12 of the 57 tram is a short walk away.
When you arrive at the practice you’ll be welcomed by Sasha or Rhiannon and get settled into our comfortable waiting area. We take pride in keeping to time, so you won’t have long to wait.

Your session with Dr. Julian Moore will last for about an hour, and will start with a discussion about your oral and general health and a history of any problems or treatments you may have had in the past. Dr. Moore will also ask you about your wants, needs and expectations with regard to dental treatment.

Low-dose X-rays of your back teeth will be taken to see if there is any decay in that area or under any existing restorations (fillings). The X-rays will also show if there is any loss of bone material supporting the teeth.

Dr. Moore will then conduct a full examination of your mouth, looking at the condition of your teeth, gums and the soft tissues of your mouth. He will discuss his findings with you and outline a proposed treatment plan – and how you can then use the preventative program to keep you teeth and mouth in great shape for the future and keep any further treatments to a minimum.

You’ll have all your questions answered and be fully informed and able to decide how you’d like to proceed if treatment is required in the short term. A full breakdown of treatment and quotation for all dental work can be supplied on request.
Generally there is time for a full scale and polish (with optional fluoride) so you can go home with that squeaky-clean feeling.
Sasha or Rhiannon will book your next appointment for you. If no specific treatment is required in the short term then we recommend a check-up and scale and polish every six months in order to ensure that nothing remains unnoticed for too long.