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Do you take direct payment from Health Insurance companies?

We have a HICAPS terminal within the practice so that the insurer’s portion is paid directly to us. This saves you time and effort in completing claim forms and taking or sending them to the company.

What hygiene and sterilization measures are in place?

Hygiene and patient safety are top priorities at North Melbourne Dental. We have a modern B-class autoclave and use full tracking procedures for all instruments. This means that we can be certain that all instruments are sterile to today’s clinical standards. We keep fully up-to-date with infection control guidelines and regularly attend further education courses on this matter.

You’re a single-dentist practice – does this mean that it will be hard to get an appointment?

Not at all. We are usually able to offer you an appointment within
one week of your call.

If I’ve got a problem with my teeth and I’m in pain, will I be able to see you urgently?

Yes, absolutely – one of our main aims is to make sure that you don’t
suffer pain, either in or out of the dentist’s chair. If you’re in pain during business hours, call us and we’ll do our utmost to fit you in the same day. Out of business hours, leave a message and we’ll call you back next morning and will arrange to see you that day.

What happens if you’re away?

My scheduled time off for holidays etc. is always set a long time in
advance so my team is able to book appointments appropriately. If
there is an extreme emergency and I need to be away unexpectedly,
there will always be contact details available for emergency dentists to assist you.

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