We know that a visit to the dentist isn’t high on the list of most people’s favourite things – but, as boutique practice, we are very different from large ‘drill and fill factories’ which you may have experienced before. At North Melbourne Dental, you’ll be made to feel welcome in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. To us, you’re more than just another patient – we take the time to listen to your needs and concerns and fully explain everything about your treatment. Families and children receive special attention so that the experience is as comfortable as possible. We care – and it shows.


Our philosophy can be summed up as “Do it exceptionally well – and do it once”.
This means that we pay attention to detail and produce the highest quality dental craftsmanship – so that, for example, a restoration will last for the long haul.


We’re never happier than when we see the same set of healthy teeth, year after year.
Our aim is to attend to a new client’s immediate needs – and then put in place a prevention and maintenance program so the need for future treatment is minimised. Our program makes it easy for you to look after your teeth – so that they serve you well into old age.

Minimum Discomfort
A visit to the dentist shouldn’t be an endurance test – so we have a strong policy of discomfort minimisation. Pain relief is available for all treatments. Can we say that we make the whole process an absolute pleasure for you? Perhaps not yet – but we’re working on it!
Nervous or Phobic Patients
If you’re nervous or phobic about seeing a dentist, we empathise and we understand your feelings. Visit us and you’ll find that that the calm atmosphere at our practice is soothing and reassuring and your anxiety will be greatly reduced. Where needed, we can offer a sedative inhalant which will calm and relax even more.
New Systems
We have new digital radiographs and imagery systems that allows us to fully explain the situation to patients to illustrate what is going on and what is the required treatment.

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